Now to Showcase your Items

Step One:

Take pictures of the items you wish to sell.

Step Two:

Figure out the prices you wish to charge and the descriptions you wish to add. Consider the make, the model, the size, the country it was made in, original price if relevant. If your home is non-smoking, you may wish to tell us that. If it is pet-free you may also wish to include that detail.

Step Three:

Figure out the event you wish to promote. Are you having a Garage/Rumble/Boot sale? or a Moving/Relocation sale? Is it an Estate Sale, a House Clearance or a Decluttering? If you have a specific date and time, let us know. Tell us your location so we can map it for you and whether you wish the specific address showcased or if you prefer to say "follow the signs from the nearest intersection"?

Step Four:

Go to the Contact Page and decide how you wish to send the information.
Photos, sent by email from a mobile phone, should be sent no larger than Medium or Large and the description for each should be included with the photo.
Photos sent by email from a computer or laptop should be no larger than 400-600 Kb, 300-500 Kb is ideal. You can resize your photos within Paint or PaintBrush. It is advised that you send no more than 3 or 4 photos, per email, and the descriptions for each of the photos should be included with that email. We may be adding an upload function to the website soon.
An email detailing your preferred event format (see Step 3) should also be sent along with the address etc.

Step Five:

When the link is sent back to you, for your Personal Selling Space, check that it is as you intended, that there aren't any spelling mistakes or address miscues, that dates/times are correct etc. Contact us with any necessary changes.

Step Six:

Once you are satisfied that it is correct, pay the invoice that you have been sent and then the link will be live.

Step Seven:

Now that your Personal Selling Space is live you need to decide to whom you will promote it.
Here are some ideas for you:

  • email the link to your friends and family and encourage them to do the same
  • post the link on your social media sites and ask your friends to also
  • put an ad on any local advertising sites and include the whole link in the ad
  • distribute flyers to neighbours
  • place flyers on local bulletin boards
  • Questions are always welcome and you can email us, at anytime. Answers will be provided on a timely basis. We operate within the Eastern Standard Time zone.

    TURNAROUND TIME most Personal Selling Spaces will be available within 48 hours of the receipt of all needed photos and descriptions. RUSH demands will be met, when possible, for a negotiated fee, usually 10% added.

    Photos can include multiple items and the descriptions for each photo will be as detailed as you provide. If you are selling the contents of a room, or more than one room, take a picture of the whole room before taking individual item pictures and let's tell/sell a story.

    The Location Map can be as detailed or as vague as you prefer and you can have the location updated on the morning of the event if that is your preference.

    Taxes will be extra when applicable.
    Payable via Paypal, Wire Transfer or E-transfers within Canada.
    Payment must be received before your Personal Selling Space will go 'live'.
    Currency: for Canadians who pay by E-transfer the dollars are Canadian - for all other countries and payment methods the dollars are US dollars, or the equivalent.

    Longer Term Selling Space Option

    Do you have items that you sell, from home on platforms like Etsy or eBay or one of the many other sites? Do you wish that you had more freedom and could have your own simple site where you have more control and wouldn't have to pay such high fees?
    If your answer is yes, then let's set a time and have a chat and see if we can come up with some ideas. You are also welcome to try our two week option first and see how it works for you.

    Having your own site would include processing your own payments and promoting your site yourself as opposed to being part of a large platform. Where do most of your sales take place? are they local? are they to friends and family? All of these questions and more would need to be part of your consideration.

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