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A Personal Selling Space is a professional, simple and cost effective way for you to showcase whatever it is you have to sell.
It is a mini website, made just for you, free of ads, that allows you to promote your Sale, whether it is an "event" or "by appointment only".
Beautiful photos with full descriptions and prices can help increase desirability, selling rate and therefore better results.


  • Professional Presentation you are Proud to Share
  • Descriptions & Prices with each Photo
  • Ad Free
  • Sizable Photos Make it a Showcase
  • Creates Urgency to Buy
  • Easily Shared with Family and Friends
  • Easily Linked to Social Media & Advertising Sites
  • May Increase Number of Items Sold and Prices Received
  • May Increase Smiles & Reduce Stress and Workload

Thank you for dropping in to see what @RealBookings has to offer you!

Our story: A very close friend was downsizing and moving in with her daughter. She had a lot of very fine items to sell and was planning to hold a garage/relocation sale. Knowing that we wanted to help and yet didn't relish the idea of spending an early Saturday morning taking money from strangers, we offered instead to provide her with a webpage to help her showcase her items. It was a huge success. The original page, which you can see here, had the date, time and location of the Relocation Sale and many of the items she was selling, with their prices and desciptions. Within 3 days she asked to remove the date, time and location, from her webpage, as many of the items were already sold. How were they sold? She sent the link, to the webpage, to her friends and family and they sent it to their friends and families and she was able to quickly sell most of the items without having to actually hold the sale and have strangers traipsing through her home. As items sold we added "NOW SOLD" signs on each picture. Not only did her furnishings sell quickly they also sold at the price she was asking as they were displayed so beautifully and created their own 'urgency to buy'. Offering this service to others seemed like the right action to take and so here we are.

Do you have personal items to sell? Are you moving? decluttering? making space for family to move in?

Are you in the United Kingdom and hosting a House Clearance or a Boot Sale, in the USA and hosting a Rummage Sale, in Canada or Australia and holding a Garage Sale? A Moving Sale, a Relocation Sale, call it what you will, you have personal belongings to sell and you wish to get the most money, in the least amount of time with the least amount of stress and work.

You send us the photos, the descriptions, the prices, the contact information and the location. We put together a webpage for you that showcases your items that you have to sell. We host it and send you the link that you can use to promote it. You then pay us and we make it "Live" online. If you have changes you wish to make, additions or deletions, just let us know and we will make it so. "NOW SOLD" on items is optional. The maximum any sale can stay live is TWO WEEKS. Quick turn-arounds are the norm.


  • seniors who are downsizing
  • realtors to refer to their clients
  • parents with children that are growing up (sell your baby clothes, furniture, toys)
  • estate sales
  • anyone moving to a different home
  • people that are decluttering their living space
  • job relocations
  • anyone considering using a consignment store
  • clothes, shoes, boots - that no longer fit or are no longer appropriate for your lifestyle
  • a car or recreational vehicle for sale sample.
  • a house or cottage for rent

The process is simple, the look is professional, the cost is reasonable. You don't have to upload multiple photos to all your media platforms and advertising venues, just upload once, along with a few details and then include your link in emails or texts that you send, on your FaceBook page and other social media. RealBookings has quick turn-around times and allows updates and/or changes. Visitors to your Personal Selling Space will not be inundated with ads, just the items you are showcasing.

Anywhere in the world!
Currently available only in English with future possibilities in other languages.

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